Aarhus, here we come!

After a successful EuropeTalks launch in London last year, the big question was…where to go next?

Thanks to the contribution of EuropeTalks first ‘passengers’ we choose one of Europe’s best kept secrets: Aarhus, European Capital of Culture 2017.

Aarhus is the second-largest city in Denmark. A vibrant mix of youthful energy and a blast from the past makes Aarhus a city with an energetic beat of the pulse.

As we speak, we are preparing a program, together with the Dutch Embassy in Denmark.

Oktober 6-7 it is! Are you interested? Let us know and stay tuned.

Sparkling start Creative London

Back in business again and busy with the regular stuf….BUT ….maybe something changed.
New business, new call for action, new insights and most of all new energy.

The first results of an awesome day trip to creative London.

Speaker Kathryn Best: “a big USP is that it is small, intimate, collegiate, sharing and still serious in its opportunity for connection, collaboration and …. peer-levelsharing and… more!”

Participant Christien: “Ik denk dat de kracht van het format zit in het feit dat je op 1 dag al je senses kunt exploreren. Van datgene wat je zelf geeft tot datgene wat je krijgt. Uitgangspunt:een korte kick met veel impact”.